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John 15:8 Jesus says: “When you bear much fruit, you bring glory to my father and you prove to be my disciples”

July 20, 2015

Vacation Bible School

More than 300 children in 10 different Vacation Bible School sessions heard about Jesus this past summer.  Summer vacation in the Philippines takes place in April and May since those are the hottest months.


The Fruit Bearers staff members worked very hard throughout the summer planning, preparing and putting on the vacation Bible schools.  They even had to turn down two invitations from sites where they just didn’t have the time to go because of the start of the new school year in June.


The mission of Fruit Bearers is to “go into the hills, mountains and far-flung places of Negros Oriental and tell children and their families about the love of Jesus.” This is a year ’round job for us and the summer months are no exception.  

kids vbs

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