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July 29, 2015

Lives Changed (updated)

When we posted on Fruit Bearers Ministries Facebook Page that we needed a new sponsor for a sister and brother we had just met two weeks ago, God answered our plea immediately through two friends of ours. Their response has resulted in lives changed!

Lito and AlicitaI posted this photo on Facebook and asked if anyone would like to sponsor these kids so they can stay in school.  Immediately two wonderful friends said they would stand in the gap for these children.  Anecita had a huge smile on her face when told she could continue in school.

Yesterday our social worker, Glendei, met with their mother to sign our sponsorship contract and give her the first stipend.  She cried and cried because of the Lord’s kindness to her and her family.  The father is a farm laborer making about $32 per month.  There are 4 kids in the family.  The mother had been trying to supplement the family income by doing laundry for the neighbors but she had to quit, because she could no longer afford soap.  Then Anecita quit school to care for Lito since the family could only afford to keep one of the older sisters in school.

Now with two kids sponsored, both are back in school with enough money for lunch and they get to eat snacks with the other kids at snack time.  The mother can buy soap to do laundry and help support the family. Their everyday lives have been changed!
It was really a God appointment that we met these kids at all.  They were not scheduled to be in the classroom the day we were there. Our pastor Jade was with us and noticed that Anecita was in tears as she watched the other kids.  He asked her about her situation and she opened up to him. When I learned of the situation I committed to help the kids even before we had sponsors.
Thanks so much to all you Fruit Bearers child sponsors! You are truly making a difference in the lives of children and families in Negros Oriental, Philippines!

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