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John 15:8 Jesus says: “When you bear much fruit, you bring glory to my father and you prove to be my disciples”

Featured Sponsored Child

Featured on October 9, 2015:
Clipton, a 3rd Grade Student

clipton collage

Clipton is a dedicated student (see his 3rd grade report card above). His parents help to be sure he learns how to manage his hours so he can find time to both study and play. They are committed to not letting his sponsorship be wasted. In Summer 2015 Clipton’s family hosted a Vacation Bible School put on by Fruit Bearers Ministries (pictured above), where he memorized five verses! He was so happy that his Muslim neighbor friends he invited came to VBS!! He says he learned a lot about obedience to God and family.

A few days after VBS, Clipton was hit by a passing multicab truck. He was hospitalized and when laboratory tests and x-rays revealed no serious injuries he said, “I prayed! That is why God healed me!” He has recovered fully from the accident and looks forward to hosting VBS at his home again next year!


Featured on September 19, 2015:
Grandmother with Three Grandkids


This is a grandma raising three children.  When we met her, They were living on vegetables and root crops from her garden plus P70 /week or about $1.50.  In other words, they were starving.

The grandma  travels a long way to come for her subsidy—- 3 towns away from our Office.  She crowds into a bus or jeepney.  The grandma dedicates herself to her grandchildren.  She puts their needs first.

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