Fruit Bearers Ministries

John 15:8 Jesus says: “When you bear much fruit, you bring glory to my father and you prove to be my disciples”

Ways To Give

There are various ways to support Fruit Bearers Ministries.

Sponsor a Child:

  • For $35 a month ($420 a year) you can sponsor a child
  • Sponsorship guarantees a child will be able to attend school. Included is the transportation costs, clothing/uniform costs, and will be properly nourished
  • Parents sign a contract with Fruit Bearers agreeing to the proper use of sponsorship funds. Our social workers meet monthly with the parents to assure compliance.
  • Our pastors meet with sponsored families and others regularly to provide spiritual support through Bible studies and the planting of new churches.

For more information regarding sponsoring a child, please see our handout by clicking below:

FBM Sponsorship Kit

Give a Gift for Our General Fund

To give a one time gift please click the “Donate” button below:


Or Give a Specific Gift

With some reasonable accommodation you can purchase gifts for families and sponsored children including: animals, food, medical procedures, sponsoring the feeding program, and rebuilding structures. If you would like to give a specific gift please fill out the contact form below with your preference.


Fruit Bearers is a 501(c)(3) non-profit Christian ministry. We are solely reliant on your donations for providing services to Philippine children and their families. All financial contributions to Fruit Bearers Ministries are tax deductible.
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