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December 20, 2012

Newsletter: Holiday in the Philippines

Here in the Philippines the celebration of Christmas starts on September 1st when all of the stores display their Christmas items and start playing their Christmas music.  100 days of Christmas celebration and there’s no controversy over Manger Scenes on government property.  They know how to celebrate Christmas here.

Fruit Bearers partners with a pastor in the mountain town of Mabinay who has a ministry in the local jail.  They had no Bibles and so he asked if we could help.  We said surely we could.  The pastor told the jailer that Bibles were coming.  The jailer thought that only one Bible was being given so when the pastor showed up with 20 Bibles the jailer was so overwhelmed he declared that a special acceptance ceremony, complete with ribbon cutting, must be held.  What a privilege for Fruit Bearers to be involved in spreading God’s wonderful Word.

The Kids in Mabinay

The Kids in Mabinay

A few days ago a group of 40 kids and staff came from Mabinay to Dumaguete to have their hearing tested in the hearing clinic installed a few months ago as a result of Fruit Bearers’ work.  We’re trying to find those who can benefit from hearing aids.  The people up there in Mabinay are so poor that they had no money for lunch for the kids and the kids had none themselves.  So, Fruit Bearers took them all to Jollibee (Philippine equivalent of McDonald’s) for lunch.  They had never been to such a place.  They had chicken, spaghetti and chocolate sundaes.  The Jollibee mascot came and entertained.  It was a wonderful time.  The kids and staff members were thrilled with the experience.  By-the-way, they had never ridden an elevator before either.  So, going to the 4th floor hearing clinic at the hospital was an adventure in itself.

Near the New Clearing

Near the New Clearing

This Christmas we have the privilege of providing running water to 4 homes in the hills for the first time.  They are so excited!  Fruit Bearers will pay for the initial hook-up and then they must pay the monthly charges themselves.  All have agreed to the arrangement.  Our staff will train some of the mothers in jewelry making to help them earn money to pay the water bill.  Maybe someday we can help them get electricity too.  All of these people attend a Saturday AM Bible study which is being held in one of the homes.  The study has outgrown the space so a 12 by 12 plot of land was cleared for a shelter for the Bible study.  It won’t really be a church but will provide a covered place where more people can gather.  Fruit Bearers will provide funds for the materials and the Bible Study folks will build the shelter.

The Lord continues to provide Fruit Bearers with many opportunities to “take the love of Jesus to the people in the hills and mountains of Negros Oriental.”  The only way we can continue our work and reach further into the mountains is through the faithful giving of our donor friends.  Your gifts help bring water, Living Water, and so much more to these needy people.  Thank you.  By-the-way, gifts can now be made on-line at

The Mascot

The Mascot

Thanks so much for your support and have a wonderful Christmas!

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Fruit Bearers
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