Fruit Bearers Ministries

John 15:8 Jesus says: “When you bear much fruit, you bring glory to my father and you prove to be my disciples”

Our Mission & Values

Our Mission:
Fruit Bearers provides educational, medical, vocational and spiritual resources for deaf, blind, crippled and otherwise disabled children of the mountains and far-flung places of Negros Oriental, Philippines.

Our Values:
Jesus used the image of trees producing a harvest of fruit as a sign that they are giving glory to God. He likens us to the trees, and in John 15:8 Jesus says, “When you bear much fruit, you bring glory to my Father and you prove to be my disciples.” We believe bearing fruit can be defined as an act of goodness or kindness done in Jesus’ name. We have the privilege of being Fruit Bearers in a beautiful part of the world as we share Jesus with children affected by disabilities in the Philippines.

Our Story

Serving the disabled children of Negros Oriental, Philippines, we are most effective if we network with local government units, various medical facilities, local village schools, and other non-government organizations. We are now able to make more resources available to disabled children through this network.

When we begin work in a new village, we first connect with the mayor, the school directors, and any available local social workers. We want to work alongside them, to ensure that we locate those in need and then provide the best resources we can for disabled children and their families. Often we encounter children with medical or even surgical needs. Because of our ability to raise funds in other countries, we provide for these procedures and then coordinate travel, doctor and nurse care, and pastoral follow-up. Our staff in Negros Oriental includes a chaplain team (husband and wife) that provides Christian, non-denominational teaching and counseling, and two Christian social workers that know and understand the local procedures and laws.

We seek other opportunities to empower and help educate children with disabilities with projects like helping rebuild a Special Education classroom in a remote mountain village. We continue to gain sponsors around the world who give monthly gifts as on-going support to poverty stricken children. In addition, we recently began training some mothers of our sponsored children, teaching them to make jewelry with recycled magazine paper. Now they have a new way to generate income as they earn the money rather than accept a handout.

With this great combination of government, Church and medical networks, we are making a real difference in many lives. We are Fruit Bearers, empowering disabled children, their families and their communities in Negros Oriental, Philippines.

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