Fruit Bearers Ministries

John 15:8 Jesus says: “When you bear much fruit, you bring glory to my father and you prove to be my disciples”

Meet the Staff

Wes and Judy Robbie, founders of Fruit Bearers Ministries

Wes and Judy Robbie, founders of Fruit Bearers Ministries

Wes & Judy Robbie originally went to Negros Oriental, Philippines in 2010
to help a little girl, disfigured by a kerosene fire.
While there, they visited a remote village in the hills
and discovered many disabled children in need.
Their hearts were so moved they founded Fruit Bearers Ministries.

Wes and Judy developed a local staff
including chaplains and social workers,
and continue to locate, sponsor and empower people with disabilities.
Fruit Bearers Ministries partners with local governments,
hospitals, clinics and schools on the island.

The Robbies spend half of their time
in the Philippines facilitating the ministry,
and the other half in the USA
finding sponsors, raising funds
and also enjoying their
children and grandchildren.

Full Time Staff in the Philippines

Joy C. Ruotolo, Executive Director

Glendelyn C. Quitoy, Social Worker

Jade Bitonga, Pastor

Richieboy L Cañete, Pastor

Constanino Banlat, and wife Evelyn, Pastor

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