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October 04, 2013

A Waiting List

Friday, Michael Angelo Malaybalay wanted to go school but couldn’t.  He simply didn’t have the ENERGY for the long walk and school day….. after a week of no snacks, skipped lunches, and skimpy dinners.

You see, Michael’s support comes from an aunt.  Only a few months after he was born, his father died.  When he turned 1, his mother left him with her sister and never came back.

Michael does everything he can to go to school and work hard.  He never complains when everyone is eating lunch but him…. because he loves school.  He is deaf and learning gives him the opportunity to have a language (signs), have friends, and a future.

Michael and his aunt live in a “Nipa” (native materials) hut.  Fortunately, they do have electricity and potable water.  Michael’s aunt sells cosmetics to earn a living.  However, in an area where many people don’t have enough to eat, cosmetics don’t sell well.  Her income does not meet their basic needs.

michael angelo malaybalayThankfully, life for Michael and his aunt is about to get much better.  A couple here in the US heard about Michael and asked to sponsor him. Due to their generosity, Michael will now have enough ENERGY to go to school every day.  He’ll have money for transportation, for lunch, for snacks and for his uniform.   Michael and his aunt will even have better meals at home.

And… Michael and his aunt have learned that God knows them and is the One to be praised and thanked for the love they are receiving.

Just think, Michael and his aunt are not the only ones receiving help. Fruit Bearers (made possible because of many caring people) has touched over 500 lives in Negros Oriental and has a growing list of needs.

For example, currently we have 25 other kids like Michael on a waiting list who need sponsors.   Please know, what an amazing change a sponsorship of $35/month can make!

Do you want to help a child in need?  If you do or if you know someone who would like to know more, please contact us at

Judy and I just returned from 2 ½ months in the Philippines.  Over the next few weeks we will write more stories about our experiences.

Thank you so much for your gifts.  God is doing a great work in Negros Oriental and it is our privilege to be part of it.

In Christ,

Wes and Judy Robbie

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